In February 2005, the Vista Unified School District Board of Trustees
decided to name the newest continuation high school in Vista after
Major General Raymond Murray, the Hero of Chosin Reservoir and
the former Camp Pendleton Commanding Officer. Major General
Raymond Murray was not only an officer and legendary hero, but
he was a kind and gentle human being. He was active in his
community of Oceanside, CA, a father, devoted husband and
someone you would like for your best friend.

Major General Raymond Murray was one of the most highly
decorated United States Marine Corps officers. He earned two Navy
Cross medals (one during World War II and one during the Korean
War), a Distinguished Service Cross, four Silver Stars, a Legion of
Merit and a Purple Heart. His military record is only a portion of
the man everyone came to know as a hero. What people remember
most about him was his integrity, honesty and humility. Major
General Raymond Murray graduated from Texas A & M college,
originally intending to become a teacher.

Ultimately, he died on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2004. The
community of Oceanside, CA had honored him on January 30, 2003
by naming a bridge in town the "Murray Bridge". An illuminated
flag at the same location was installed January 31, 2005 in his

Major General Raymond Murray